The Alchemist What can you say about THE WIMSHURST's MACHINE that has not already been said by so many others? Fans and critics alike continue to be impressed by the evocative instrumental compositions of these talented musicians. The band's CD, THE ALCHEMIST is a joy to listen to, and many of the cuts from it can be heard throughout both The Weekday Mix and on Weekends (preceded by a great station ID coursety of band member, Augusto). "THE ALCHEMIST" is a story from start to finish, but a story about what, or whom? That question has now been answered by band member, Duilio, who has written a song-by-song, movement-by-movement synopsis of the entire CD in issue #16 of the band's e-mail newsletter. (...) To purchase "THE ALCHEMIST", log onto and order it online. Duilio's prose narrative makes a good accompaniment to the listener's enjoyment of this CD, but still the best way to enjoy "THE ALCHEMIST" is to sit back with eyes closed and cell phones off.” - George Spelvin

"George's Jungle radio" newsletter

The Wimshurst's Machine music Very well done music with a mix of acoustic and electronic rhythms. The background ambience adds to the already sensual flavor. The Wimshurst's Machine's Mystical Sea is a perfect blend of all that I said above plus a little light jazz added in. Downtempo fans will like The Wimshurst's Machine's Magic Lights and I have many of them listening into the station. A track with a smooth and deep rhythm. Truly a wonderful group and I am glad to have experienced their art.” - Ken Anderson

The Riverbank radio

From Torino,  Italy comes this incredible band, The Winshurst's Machine: their mission, to boldly go where no band has ever gone before... Modern, fresh, invigorating everything from chill out to jazz, a potpourri of sound ranging from  acoustic to electronic and whatever else lies in between. Good music,  great music,  coming from a creative adventurous spirit that has as  one of it's main concepts the idea of music for a better world. Another fine example of what can be accomplished when artists focus on making music  instead of simply trying to make  a fashion statement.” - Bryan Anthony

Jinju-Wickman "Promoting independent music to the world", 2005

Mystical Sea, by The Wimshurst's Machine. Another slow flowing Chill Out tune with moving pads and beautiful piano lines... but outstanding! Reminds me in the works, Craig Armstrong did in the 90s. You'll definitely enjoy the way, how saxophones and that incredible soprano voice come together, it's like a mysterious story, beginning with someone who is sitting in a boat, on his journey to somewhere... These guys are masters in creating ambient atoms, with excellent production skills for electronic sounds and acoustic instruments, with great saxophone and voices here. The Wimshurst's Machine" is a project with 8 excellent musicians, and you'll find many other songs on their site at Soundclick, little adventures in Jazz, Rock and Electronic - some of them much more acoustic than this track, nevertheless it's definitely Chill Out. "Mystical Sea" can be downloaded, there are two CD's available, one of them has the interesting name "A Traveller who didn't ask for Glory"!” - Syngularity

"Glow in the Dark"

“Time Traveller” is a large and eclectic collection of creative tracks. The CD speaks to you with a passion for life. An expansive set of musical wisdoms come together as one, each harmoniously telling its part of the legend. The blending of abilities like electronic mastery, vocals, instrumentation and percussion is well balanced. The Wimshurst's Machine does some exciting things in bringing many skills together. Some tracks are meditative and mystical like chants, while others deliver spirited down-tempo grooves. Each song is a new phase of a journey; a gift of true artistry and raw creativity. Songs such as "Romanza" and its beautiful acoustic guitar work illustrative the many talents of The Wimshurst's Machine. There are many very interesting and creative sounds and rhythms included throughout the tracks. When you grab a copy of this musical journey, keep an ear out for "The Moon.” This song shines with beautiful female vocals!” - Radio In dy Staff

— Radio Indy Review

I have been a fan of The Wimshurst's Machine for several years now but before featuring their music as Spotlight Artist on IndieGuild, I thought it would be 'journalistically correct' to find out exactly what a Wimshurst Machine is. A quick click on Wikipedia told me that it is essentially an electrostatic device for generating high voltages. The technical explanation of how it actually works baffled me completely (not difficult to achieve) but the video of a small model in action provided me with all I needed to know: the Wimshurst Machine converts the mechanical energy required to turn a wheel into electrical energy in the form of a very impressive spark. So what's that got to do with the band you may well be asking at this point. Well, created in the 1880s, the original Wimshurst Machine can be seen as symbolizing the vital passage in the history of man's development from mechanical to electrical energy with elements from both of these fascinating worlds. In a similar way The Wimshurst's Machine band ingeniously combine analogical and digital, acoustic and electronic, ancient and modern sounds to create their own spark: the TWM sound. Far from being a straightforward band, The Wimshurst's machine is more of a small orchestra made up of eight Italian musicians all of whom have daytime jobs and very little time to physically get together and actually play live. As a consequence their music is in many ways the epitome of online musical collaboration in which first ideas and then individual tracks get spun around the internet from one band member to another until all the elements required for a final mixdown, the spark, have been assembled. The sound that emerges is a smooth, meditative, visionary, lounge cocktail, chilled to perfection and sweetly laced with a variety of instruments from saxophones and clarinets to flutes, dulcimers and mandolins, acoustic and electric guitars. It is a dreamy sound that eases the listener out of the cacophonic humdrum of the daily grind and floats him gently away through time and space. The Wimshurst's Machine are quite a prolific band that already have a number of splendid concept albums to their name, last but not least of which is "Secret Gardens" released in 2009. The proceeds from all their album sales are largely devolved to charity ~ Partners in Health. The group has also won a number of well deserved online music awards including a recent nomination for the Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA) for the track "Return to Freedom".” - Spotlight Artist Review


TWM – The Wimshurst's Machine ”The Wimshurst's Machineはイタリア人8人によるオーケストラで、主にリラックスした落 ち着いた音楽を演奏している。また、ムードのあるリラックスした音楽だけでなく、ロッ クから、さらには斬新的なエレキ音楽までをカバーしている。よって、彼らの音楽は映画 などにぴったりである。” -Last FM ”TWMを聞いていると、心地いい音楽のなかでリラックスした気分になれる。彼らはアコ スティックとエレキ、時には伝統的な古代音楽(アイルランド、インド、スペイン)から も影響を受け、新しいサウンドとミックスさせ、ジャズにいたるまでカバーしている。 TWMの音楽は忘れられない夢を見させてくれる何かである。” (雑誌 レビュー) The Wimshurst's Machine : Augusto (バリ サックス、プログラミング) Fabio (キーボード、プログラミング) Roberto (サックス、キーボード、クラリネット) Duilio (アコスティック ギター) Daniele (ベース、ギター) Elvis (ピアノ、オーケストラ プログラミング) Antonio (トランペット、コルネット) Massimiliano (ドラム) サウンドトラック、受賞 2007年度 Music Aid, International Online Music Award 2005年、2007年など 数々。 映画、テレビなどに使われた音楽多数。("The Quiet Assassin" ディレクター Alex Hardcastle, Channel 4, イギリス 2006年など。) ファーストアルバム(A traveller who didn't ask for glory)はエレキアルバム部門ダウンロー ド第2位、国内iTunesストアにて2005年1月12日、13日と第26位。 2006年トリノオリンピックの際にはChris Hedge's Magnetic Poetsとステージで共演。 ------------------------------------------------ イタリアトリノを拠点として活動しているエレキ、アコスティックオーケストラ、いくつもの賞を受賞 バンドマネージャーE-MAIL オフィシャルサイト その他のサイト 音楽事務所: ASTRANOVA (UK) ディスコグラフィー: アルバム •Thunder and Lightning - 2010 •Secret Gardens - 2009 •Time Traveller - 2007 - (2 CDs) •The Alchemist - 2005 •A traveller who didn't ask for glory - 2004 ディスコグラフィー: コレクション •Aquarius (the best of TWM) - 2010 •Remaster (2008) - (2 CDs) •Freedom Lights (2006) •多数のシングルが、様々なアルバムにも収録されている。” - Japanese band presentation