2018 news for TWM: a new nomination! 

ENGLISH: these last years didn't see many activities from TWM, due to many reasons (deaths in families for Fabio, Augusto and Duilio, a newborn daughter for Elvis and Max, a moving in a different town for Roberto & Max, a new work for Tony, who now builds great trumpets & mputhpieces). Yet to celebrate the 10 years of collaboration with the talented Corrado Rossi the band recorded a new track, "The Magical Forest". Well, good news is that the only track recorded this last year is the nomination #9 at the…

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Crazy price! Prezzo pazzesco! 

ENGLISH: You can't loose our offer: Our albums "Tales", "Time Traveller", "The Alchemist", "Remaster" and "A traveller..." are available at a crazy price, around 4 US$ for physical CD and 1.99 US$ digital download, from CDbaby!

ITALIANO: vi facciamo un'offerta imperdibile: i nostri album "Tales", "Time Traveller", "The Alchemist", "Remaster" e "A traveller..." sono in vendita a 4 dollari per il CD fisico e a 1.99 dollari per il download digitale su CDbaby!

Link: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/TheWimshurs

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Hollywood Nomination! 

ENGLISH: we're happy to tell that also 2017 started with a nomination at the "Hollywood Music in Media Awards" as "Best Ambient/New Age", for the track "Night Shades" (check it at the award link, listed as february selection): https://www.hmmawards.com/2017-music-genre-nominees/

ITALIANO: siamo lieti di comunicare che anche nel 2017 i TWM hanno ottenuto una nomination agli Hollywood Music in Media Awards come "Miglior Ambient/New Age" per il brano "Night Shades" (segue il link al sito che lo riporta,…

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John Glenn 

ENGLISH: back in 2004 we recorded a song dedicated to John Glenn's last trip into space with the Space Shuttle Discovery, with the help of our friends Dave Long and John Worsley (Gamma Leonis) duo). In honor of an our hero passing away, ‘Discovery (John Glenn's adventure)’, will be a free download: http://www.thewimshurstsmachine.com/?section=music-26

ITALIANO: indietro nel tempo, nel 2004, abbiamo registrato una canzone che avevamo dedicato all'ultimo viaggio nello spazio di John Glenn, con lo Shuttle…

Willows - TWM thematic collection 

ENGLISH: every year we do something new and... something old. Wait... why "something old"? Well, in more than a dozen years of composing music, we did work on a very wide lot of different peojects. Some where for us, something we just enjoyed while doing it. And some where for others, soundtracks and more. So we decided to collect these works with specific themes. 2016 sees the very first thematic collection of TWM, starting with relaxing sounds. The gentle electro-acoustic new age atmospheres of Duilio…

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New T-shirts! 

ENGLISH: was due time to make new band apparel. New logo, new designs, everything of a great quality and powered by Spreadshirt, a guarantee of quality. Pay a visit to the new band T-Shirt & merch shop page! https://shop.spreadshirt.it/twmband/

ITALIANO: era ora di rinnovare il guardaroba. I TWM inaugurano oggi un nuovo shop online per magliette, felpe, tazze e altro, grazie alla collaborazione con Spreadshirt, una garanzia di serietà e qualità. Andate a farci una visitina, siamo sicuri troverete qualcosa…

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Hollywood Music Awards, 7th Nomination in a row! 


ITALIANO: "Ghosts of Fallow Grounds", dalla colonna sonora di Dark Steam Tales​, ha ottenuto una nomination agli Hollywood Music in Media Awards​ 2016. Ecco il link: http://www.hmmawards.com/category/2016-genre-nominees/ ENGLISH: "Ghosts of Fallow Grounds", from Dark Steam Tales soundtrack (composed by The Wimshurst's Machine) got a nomination at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2016. See the link: http://www.hmmawards.com/category/2016-genre-nominees/

ITALIANO: "Ghosts of Fallow Grounds", dalla…

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TWM Relaxing Radio 

ENGLISH: maybe you didn't know, but Augusto of TWM founded, some year ago, a webradio where you may listen to TWM music and much more, from space rock to ambient, from new age to soundtracks, from lounge to smooth jazz. The radio name is TWM Relaxing Radio and is broadcasting 24/7 in CD quality audio via the Radionomy network. If you are curious enough, you may try listening to it in the online, firewall friendly player on the radionomy website: http://www.radionomy.com/en/radio/twmrelaxingradio/index


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TWM makes 3 CDs for FREE download! 


DST Kickstarter UPDATE #6: [ENG]: As you know, we TWM composed the soundtrack for this brand-new comics, that you may download for free with almost every pledge in the kickstarter project. But we decided to make the awards even richer... for every pledge over the 5.00 euro (including) two extra soundtrack downloads of The Wimshurst's Machine (for free): the Hollywood Music in Media Awards final nominee for 2015, "Mondo9", and "Trainville". [ITA]: Ormai saprete che noi TWM abbiamo composto la colonna…