The tracks are perfect for introspection and for driving. My favorite so far is 'night celebrations.' The band makes many interesting choices in the course of the arrangements, and I agree with them. The saxophone on 'mystical sea' is great - with such a full tone I first thought it was a tenor. I like it most toward the end when you stretch out and play more outside the expected tonality.” - Dave Matthews

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A Traveller who didn't ask for glory" CD review I loved the cd! The production and mixing is top notch! What sets your music apart from others in the same genre is that it has an improvisational quality to it. The sax and keyboard playing is very melodic and addictive. The acoustic guitar has that romantic Italian flavor to it. The programming is creative very well done and doesn't overwhelm the other instruments. It's hard to single out a favorite song but if I had to it would be "The Fall of the Ancient Town". I like the story behind it in the insert. It was very well thought out and written. I have had many listens from it and enjoy it very much!” - Kevin Bottorff (Radio Dystopia)

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Celtic Death Ballad Do it to me Mysterious, with a trumpet, or could be a flugelhorn. Nice tone whatever. Female voice is gorgeous. Reminds me of Ella Fitzgerald on a parallel. The feel is fine with the exchanges between vocal and trpt. and the the sax joining in. The piano sound and playing is fabulous. The bass guitar is great. The parallel being if you have a great melody you don't have to have words but just a vocal sound singing like an instrument playing it. Some info about the reviewer: Barry Harvey has been playing drums now for 45 years, Chain first formed in 1968. Recorded 30 L.P's. and 29 singles between the members! This includes groups, CHAINS, HARPOON_ON, RICK_and_theGoose_Duo and Jazz trio featuring DOUG_Barry_Bruce_Trio New band called "Brother_Goose" just formed and is a great feel groupYOU HEARD playing Long_Boogie_Train Additional Information about the reviewer: Educational Text book to improve drummers and all musicians sight reading skills and phrasing concepts go to” - Barry Harvey

Celtic Death Ballad Smooth Horn the horn got me as soon as it started then the voice very hypnotic i like this style very would like my music as well.this works for me. (Richard Lee has been on the scene since he was a teenager.He's played with Mic Jagger,Rick Derringer,Donald Fagen,Blues Travelers,Taylor Dayne,McCoy Tyner,Stanley Jordan and Tom Jones just to name a few).” - Richard Lee

A traveller who didn't ask for glory": Airy atmosphere's, eastern moods, influences from modern- and worldmusic come together in a unique and timeless experience while listening to The Wimshurst's Machine. The melodies and sounds are carefully selected and put together, layer by layer, song by song. One can not escape from the spell this band casts as one hits the play button. The sound quality is absolutely gorgeous. The arrangements are so light and airy that this music actually gives a reviving touch to the listeners mind and soul. This is what this kind of music is all about. To pull the listener out of the Carthesian theatre, away from his or her daily routine into a dream like state, which makes it easy to absorb the comforting mood that breathes thrueout the songs, whispering to the subconsciousness that all is good. The compositions are timeless and very refreshing. Some songs are done by the book, but never without loosing sight on surprising elements. The natural sound of this band's music is stunning and clearly done by professionals. I am honestly, deeply impressed. A+ from the Dutch! Best regards from your new fan...” - Patric Bakkenist

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The Wimshurst's Machine new album (The Alchemist)is under development right now. I have heard the demo songs from their new album and was blown away. Still under construction these songs sound so beautiful, original and crystal clear that this will be rated as my absolute favorite chill out album of 2005. No kidding. Augusto and his bandmembers have covered all their bases in this by far outstanding production. By the way, The Wimshurst's Machine song 'Magic Lights' has won this Summer's music contest at, the "San Diego tour guide CD", that will be distributed in 50.000 copies. (2004) Congratulations to you all, guys! It's a well achieved and deserved goal!” - Patric Bakkenist news section

Although it is true that the bulk of the music I get to listen to per year comes through this list system, regular readers will know that I often choose artists and/or tracks if I feel the need a bit of special attention. The only problem is that there are LOADS of artists out there worthy of that attention and only so much time to deal with it.... Wimshurst Machine have been on my 'to do' list ever since I first met them when they won Friday Night Live (over at POP with one of the best tracks out of a night of dynamite tracks. Not that TWM need to worry that much about what a small fry like me thinks about them, their play figures and the heavyweight reviews they carry on their page show that people have been taking notice of this band for some considerable time. Gilmore late to the party as normal then eh? Summing up TWM musically is nigh on impossible because they touch so many bases, so let's just take some tracks at random to get a flavour of what makes them so special. Take Mystical Sea, for example. Here's a track that topped the World Music, New Age AND Acid Jazz SC charts; no mean feat even though SC has innumerable genre classification problems. Mystical Sea did deserve to top all three charts because it does contain large elements of all three genres and that is just plain ferkin amazing. It's also one of the most laid back, chilled out tracks I have had the pleasure of hearing this year with some sax licks that would have Jim (of Jim and Lisa) green with envy. Then there's Magic Lights, billed as part electronica and part acoustic (the drums) which topped the Ambient, Trip Hop AND Electronica charts. Again a fairly conventional track style but elevated to something quite unique by the sheer musicianship on display here. Listen, I KNOW how out of whack Soundclick's charts are which is why normally I don't take any notice of them, but Wimshurst's Machine definitely haven't clocked up over 100,000+ plays by anything other than being one of the most musically talented bands on the site. These boys don't need to 'game' they ARE the game. While it's true that not everyone will appreciate their sophisticated laid back, jazz influenced music, there are going to be large areas of SC's audience who are going to lap this up. For an example of this expertise, you can pretty much take your pick of any of the tracks on their page, I just happened to choose the tracks I have mentioned. Meditations, for example, has some of the smoothest horn playing and is a beautiful, beautiful track. Discovery explores Floyd's outer space trip (aided by collaborators this time) and is much more the side of TWM I particularly respond to. A great song, lovingly performed. Then there's Dream Processor, a collab with my old electronica mate dcallen, also btw a Friday Night Live panellist. I know Dave (dcallen) and his sound well, and the way TWM has added to dcallen's already prodigious technical touch is a wonder to behold. And then there's Celtic Death Ballad, a traditional Irish ballad treated to a blistering TWM treatment - to my ears one of the very best tracks from this band of endless best tracks. Eventually, I am forced to say that there are somewhere in the region of 25 to 30 tracks on their SC pages. Try one, and I bet you try another one, especially if you like the genres mentioned. Great music ooozes out of this band and you'd be foolish not to wallow in it a bit. Couldn't recommend these guys highly enough.” - Steve Gilmore

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ITALIANO: Il loro disco "A traveller who didn't ask for glory" è stato uno degli album più venduti su Itunes. The Wimshurt's machine è una band composta da 8 elementi proveniente dal Piemonte (Augusto Chiarle e Fabio Rodi, Roberto Canone, Massimiliano Baudissard, Antonio Rapacciuolo, Daniele Scerra, Duilio Chiarle) che compone musica elettronica, ispirandosi a brani irlandesi o antichi. Ogni musicista apporta, poi, le proprie influenze musicali sul brano ed è così che nasce questo "caso digitale" che è "A traveller who didn't ask for glory". Il disco è ispirato agli antichi esploratori, quindi la tracklist è, diciamo pure, un racconto di queste avventure meravigliose. Questa band è sicuramente formata da musicisti pieni di talento, che fanno musica con lo "spirito giusto", cioè senza la bramosia di fare successo e questo trapela da ogni singola nota dei loro brani. Fanno musica per il piacere di farla e, seppure questo possa sembrare un concetto scontato, spesso non lo è. A "Traveller who didn't ask for glory" è un piccolo capolavoro realizzato da musicisti competenti e ispirati, che merita di essere nel vostro scaffale di cd.” - Sarah Micol

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