The Alchemist: On this CD TWM has enlisted several of their friends from other genres to assist them. I should know, I was one of them. They're not afraid to be flexible, to expand their horizons. This CD has them not only bringing in outside players' styles to blend with their own, but reaching into other styles of music, using the Pink Floyd/Marillion method of using spoken vocal segments and sound effects. They weren't content to dig a groove that became a rut. This recording breathes, with heavier guitar and bass lines, techno keyboard and vocal work and a variety of singing styles combined with the great talent that was already present in this eight-man ensemble. This represents a growth through restless exploration of new territory of an already fine sound which incorporates British and American influences with their very recognizably European style, to great effect. You won't listen to it just once. --Dave Long, musician, USA” - Dave Long

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A traveller who didn't ask for glory" by The Wimshurst's Machine Brilliant ! ! ! Absolutley brilliant! This cd is truly amazing I love it. I am a musician myself and I am inspired and in awe at the level of creativity and artistic greatness. I recommend this cd to anyone, its great relaxing music, works good for me sitting in rush hour traffic. This group has encouraged me to go to italy to study music on the sole purpose that there is just something in their music that is so hard to come by in the states. To sum it all up this cd is AWESOME! Their music will touch your soul.” - Arjay

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