"Mondo9", Hollywood nomination #6, the Good Omens 


ITALIANO: Ieri stavo togliendo ruggine da un vecchio cancello che dovevo ridipingere quando mi raggiunge la notizia della nomination numero 6 agli Hollywood Music in Media Awards​  per i "miei" The Wimshurst's Machine​. Al di là della contentezza per aver raggiunto anche nel 2015 una nomination agli HMMA, la cosa è stata divertente perché c'è un gioco di correlazioni  su questa nomination: è giunta per il brano "Mondo9", la title-track dell'ultima produzione della band, una colonna sonora in 9 brani di…

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TWM's personal websites (in italiano) 

ENGLISH: as you probably already know, Augusto and Duilio of TWM are also writers, with several books published each and Daniele is an illustrator of success. If you want to know more about them we recommend you to give a try to their websites: Daniele Scerra, illustrator and 3D artist, http://www.danielescerra.com (in english) or Augusto, writer of fantasy and sci-fi novels, at http://www.augustochiarle.com (in italian) or also Duilio, writer of a large number of books, at http://chiarleduilio.jimdo.com/…

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"Breathe" and the way TWM records music 

"Breathe" and the way TWM records music Often people asks us how we record our music. To be honest there are several ways: one by one, or editing/sequencing with our computers, then adding main lines "live" is a way. But there is a way we did use to record an entire album (and several tracks along the years): the "good old fashioned way": all together in the rehearsal's room.

There is also a filmed example of it: "Breathe" (the title track of the album with the same name). We recorded several versions…

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Augusto sull'uso degli iPad per la musica dei TWM 

Un ascoltatore ci chiede come usiamo l'iPad per registrarci. Colgo l'occasione per rendere la risposta "pubblica". Anzitutto, per principio noi abbiamo soltanto software con licenza (quindi niente jailbreak): per registrarci usiamo diversi metodi (che talvolta variano da brano a brano, dipende dalle circostanze in cui ci troviamo). Il software per il nostro recording è spesso Garageband, da quando uscì non ci ha ancora traditi.

L'iPad è una soluzione estremamente portatile, così abbiamo cercato di…

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Full TWM discography, 2003-2013 

Studio and Live Albums:
1-A traveller who didn't ask for glory (2004)
2-The Alchemist (2005)
3-Time Traveller (2007) - double album
4-Secret Gardens (2009)
5-Thunder and Lightning (2010)
6-Breathe (live) (2012)*

a-Freedom Lights (2006) - contain tracks from albums 1, 2 and a track from album 3.
b-Aquarius (the best of TWM 2003-2009) - (2009) - tracks from albums 1 to 4, and one previously unreleased track.**
c-Tokyo Rain (2011) - all tracks in collaboration with Corrado Rossi, with 2 previously…

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A short story for free! 

ENGLISH: as many fans probably already know, Augusto of TWM is also a writer, having several science fiction (steampunk) and fantasy novels available in Italian language. But if you're curious enough, now is available also the very first official translation in english of the short story who starts the novel serie "Shadow of Mars"! You may find it downloadable for free for the whole february month from the website of the publisher (for FREE)! You'll find all the info here (copy/paste on your browser if…

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TWM & Books 

ENGLISH: After the success obtained with the steampunk saga "The Shadows of Mars", a new novel was published by TWM frontman Augusto Chiarle (under the pen name of Karl Guthorm), "Il Sangue dell'Immortale" (who can be translated as "The Blood of the Immortal"), 2nd chapter of a fantasy saga started with "Il Signore dei Corvi" ("The Lord of Ravens"), with the cover art by TWM guitarist Daniele Scerra, the same art you will also find in "Tales (10 years of TWM)" CD. After the enthusiastic results of the 1st…

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Novel Translation project! 

Augusto of TWM started a fund raising campaign to translate his fortunate novel serie in english. See here for details:


there is also a video presentation for it:



Who I am & What I do

Biography: my name is Augusto Chiarle, I was born in 1970 near Torino (Italy). I am an italian novelist and musician. Past jobs as translator and writer of role-playing games, editor for an italian…

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TWM side music careers 

ENGLISH: In this great music video, you will see two TWM bandmembers playing in the big band: the trumpet in the middle is Antonio Rapacciuolo and the bari saxophone is played by Roberto Canone (even if is Augusto's one). Great music, will show you how TWM musicians plays also in other music formations! :)

ITALIANO: In questo bellissimo video musicale potrete individuare due membri dei TWM che suonano nella big band: il buon Tony (la tromba centrale) e Roberto (al sax Baritono... che sarebbe quello di…

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"Clockwork Life", new album -2013- nuovo album. 

ENGLISH: Hello! I am Augusto of TWM, finally updating a bit this band-blog. After the summer pause (while we didn't even have a single rehearsal, as the band was scattered around the world due to work, holidays, family issues and so on, depending from the bandmember!), we will soon start again to work on our next album, the 100% steampunk "Clockwork Life". Cover art by Daniele Scerra, it's main genre will be ambient/soft electronica, and the music is inspired to the steampunk novels I wrote for the…

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