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The Wimshurst's Machine: Photos/Foto

TWM "Breathe" live setup - 2011 - as in "Breathe" booklet
The band in 2009
Duilio - 2011
Daniele Scerra - 2011
Roberto - 2011
tony, 2011
TWM - Live Setup 4
TWM, grand complete in 2009

TWM - Cover Arts

Cover art for "Tales - 10 years of The Wimshurst's Machine", the celebrative collection. Art by Daniele Scerra
Red Machine (2011) cover art by Daniele Scerra
"Tokyo Rain" (2011) cover art by Antonio Seijas
Aquarius (the best of TWM 2003-2009) cover art
Clouds, exclusive vinyl album (2011) cover art by A. Chiarle
the cover art studio for the 5th album of the TWM, "Thunder and Lightning"!
Cover art studio for our 3rd album (by Augusto Chiarle) - cover of the case
Secret Gardens (2009) cover art - painting of Monica Jsler
"Remaster" - cover art of the TWM double album who collect the remastered versions of the first 2 CDs. Official Release: September 2007! :-)
Aquarius (the best of TWM 2003-2009) back art
Official CD art for Time Traveller, CD 2 ("future"), by Daniele Scerra (included in the booklet).
Another studio of the CD art for Time Traveller (CD 1, "past"), by Daniele Scerra
The cover art of our 1st CD!
The cover art of the 2nd CD
Daniele's art with Augusto's logo idea for the 3rd album of the CD "Past" (cover of the internal booklet)
Prisoner's single cover art
Freedom Lights (a collection of TWM music, released by Astranova
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