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The Wimshurst's Machine: Links


Partners in Health
The PIH Vision: Whatever it takes! At its root, their mission is both medical and moral. It is based on solidarity, rather than charity alone. When a person in Peru, or Siberia, or rural Haiti falls ill, PIH uses all of the means at their disposal to make them well—from pressuring drug manufacturers, to lobbying policy makers, to providing medical care and social services. Whatever it takes.
Music 4 Water
ENGLISH: A wonderful project: build a well with the money collected with music sales. With 2 US$ you can download an entire wonderful album and help to build a well in Africa. ITALIANO: con due dollari potrete scaricare un intero, bellissimo album ed al contempo aiutare a costruire un pozzo in Africa. :-)

Make Poverty History!

Make Poverty History
You know we are for the help to the ones less lucky than we are (as we give the money we raise with the CD sales to Partners in Health and as many bandmembers personally support African Children as Distance Adoption) and this website is something we like to support. The goal is ambitious, but we can be all of a great help. We can make poverty history if we really work on it.

The Wimshurst's Machine links

TWM music
ENGLISH: a direct link to ALL the TWM albums in a single page! Free listens and eventual cheap download for who would like it. :) ITALIANO: un link diretto a TUTTI i CD dei TWM in una sola pagina! Ascolti gratuiti ed eventuale download a basso costo. :)
TWM Merchandising (USA/Canada/World)
ENGLISH: Your cool TWM merchandising from a quality online merchant: T-Shirts, sweatshirts, polos, etc. here! Prices in US$, English language, expedition from USA. - ITALIANO: se volete il nostro merchandising, cercate l'altro link, che parla la vostra lingua! :-)
TWM Merchandising (Italia/Europe/Asia)
ITALIANO: il merchandising dei TWM da un negozio online certificato sicuro, affidabile e di qualita': magliette, felpe, polo, orologi, tappetini per mouse e tanto altro ancora con su le belle art della band. Spedizione dall'Europa, prezzi in Euro, tutto in Italiano! - ENGLISH: the european/asian store of our merchandising. The main site is in 13 different languages, includin russian, japanese and chinese. Currency: Euros. Expedition site: Europe.
TWM on "Myspace"
Yes, we are also on "myspace", a place where you may meet other fans and send us messages, read our blogs, etc. Yes, as most other sites but if you are already a Myspace member, well, you may like this one! ;-)
Magic Lights: the video
Waiting for the DVD with the 6 videoclip project to be completed, check the band's first video-presentation and download this version for free!
iTunes: "A traveller who didn't ask for glory"
ENGLISH: the link on the iTunes page dedicated to our 1st album. The money raised with the sellings goes to help Afica! ITALIANO: il link alla pagina di iTunes dedicata al nostro primo album. I guadagni vengono devoluti in beneficienza per aiutare l'Africa!
iTunes: "The Alchemist"
ENGLISH: A direct link to reach our 2nd album, "The Alchemist" (2005) on iTunes! Help us to stay in chart and remember the money raised will go to help Africa!!! ITALIANO: il link diretto ad iTunes ed alla pagina dedicata a "The Alchemist". Ricordate che comprando la nostra musica ci aiutate ad aiutare l'Africa!
A Traveller Who Didn't Ask For Glory
ENGLISH: The CD baby page where you can read, listen to and just get every possible info on our 1st album... ITALIANO: Il sito di CDbaby dove potrete trovare tutte le informazioni sul nostro primo CD, incluse le recensioni di precedenti acquirenti!
The Alchemist
ENGLISH: Another link to the CD baby store page who's selling our 2nd CD. Site in both english and italian. ITALIANO: Un altro link alla pagina di CD baby dove trovare più informazioni sul nostro "The Alchemist". Bilingue inglese/italiano.
Magic Lights Videoclip
Download the videoclip of "Magic Lights" from this link (for free!) and distribute it to your friends at will! :-) just 7 Mb!

Radios and Music Promoters

Ambient Worlds

ENGLISH: powered by the british indie label Astranova, this also hosts the best FREE ambient and chillout music podcast ever!

ITALIANO: realizzato in collaborazione con la britannica casa discografica indipendente Astranova, da qui potrete anche scaricare GRATIS il miglior podcast di musica ambient e chillout mai realizzato.

Hollywood Music in Media Awards
ENGLISH: the link to annual Los Angeles awards. Hollywood Music in Media Awards is for Indie Musicians, Film Composers, TV Composers, Video Game Composers. ITALIANO: il link all'omonimo premio che viene assegnato ogni anno a Los Angeles che viene dato a musicisti indipendenti, compositori di musica da film, per la TV o per Videogiochi.
Radio Orbit (FM Radio)
Mike Hagan is doing a great work with his Radio Orbit late night show, hosting interesting guests and always feauturing independent musicians. Also, he broadcasted several times our music. :-) Brodcasted on KOPN 89.5 FM in Mid-Missouri.
Project Overseer page and Friday Night Live event site
A cool link to the music community and the great forum of Project Overseer Productions. I specially recommend the very cool live conference event called "Friday Night Live" hosted every Friday! :-)
The Riverbank Radio
Another 5 stars online radio, who forecast good New Age and our music.
A web page of useful music links! :-)

ENGLISH: the very best ambient radio show in the world and the most followed since more than 20 years. From the website you may find news about the show, the artists or listen to it online in streamng or find one of the hundred FM radios who broadcasts it.

ITALIANO: il miglior radio show di musica ambient di sempre, da oltre vent'anni il più seguito del mondo. Sul sito potrete trovare notizie sugli show e gli artisti, oppure potete ascoltarlo online in streaming o ancora trovare una delle centinaia di emittenti che lo trasmettono in FM.

Ambient Worlds Podcast
ENGLISH: download the great, sensual, dreamy Ambient/Chillout podcast, hosted by Alex Catillo and Barry Lylon. ITALIANO: scaricate il bellissimo, sensuale, sognante podcast di musica ambient/chillout coordinato da Alex Catillo e Barry Lylon.

Friends in Music

Wind Project - Andrea Ferroni's didjeridoo school
ITALIANO: Andrea Ferroni è un musicista torinese di talento, esperto nel Didjeridoo. Il sito offre una panoramica sui suoi brani e sull'orario delle lezioni. ENGLISH: Andrea Ferroni is a talented italian didjeridoo musician. His website offers a panoramic view of his talent and the schedule of his "disjeridoo school".
Bjarne O, an unforgettable Virtual Orchestra
Bjarne O is a talented musician who uses Reason to play a real "virtual orchestra". Have a listen to his music and you'll agree with me: he is a genius!
Queenie Music
ENGLISH: the beautiful site of a fantastic singer, Queenie, who added her angelic voice on 3 of the tracks destinated to our "Time Traveller". A fantastic singer, you won't regret the visit to her site and, as we do, you'll love her voice and her musical talent! - ITALIANO: il sito (in inglese) della cantante Queenie, una voce angelica che ha accettato di collaborare con noi su 3 brani del nostro "Time Traveller". Una voce incredibile ed un talento musicale fuori dal comune, siamo certi la adorerete.
Trulala: amazing R&B voice
ENGLISH: the website of our friend Trulala, talented singer who collaborated with us in a song of our Time Traveller (and that will surely appear again in future in our CDs). ITALIANO: il sito ove ascoltare la grande voce R&B della cantante Trulala, che ha collaborato con noi in un brano di Time Traveller e che certamente comparira' ancora in futuro.
Corrado Rossi
ITALIANO: il sito dell'amico Corrado Rossi, eccellente pianista e musicista che ha collaborato con noi in diversi brani, destinati sia a Time Traveller che a futuri CD. - ENGLISH: the wonderful music of Corrado Rossi, talented piano player and musician friend, who collaborated with us in many Time Traveller's tracks but also in future album ones.
Talented Electronic Musician from germany. :-)
Sarah Micol
ENGLISH: a talented italian artist, with a special voice and amazing arrangements. A pop singer with impressive talent. ITALIANO: il sito di una cantante italiana di eccezionale bravura. Una voce meravigliosa, degli spendidi arrangiamenti. Una cantante pop dal talento evidente.
The great electronica sounds of KMP, we specially recommend the very cool collab tracks he makes with Lisa as singer.
Unitopia - great Prog Rock!
Another great prog rock band! :-)
Luca Antonini, italian soundtrack composer
Luca is a talented italian soundtrack composer. :-)
Gamma Leonis (formerly Solar Wind) homepage
The musical page of Lonesome Dave and John Worsley: the "Gamma Leonis" rock band. Good friends talented artists from Maine that joined us in "Discovery" and in "Dance of the Earth". The band changed name, recently, from the "old" Solar Wind...
A cool site about Nephilim and where to find the music of Patric Bakkenist and Scott Hill. Highly recommended!
Soul Summation
The homepage of another musician and a friend of ours.
Jered McKenna homepage
Where to find more tracks of the talented guy who plays the piano in our "Ghosts of Fallow Grounds".
John Paul Sharp website
the link to another friend of ours: John Paul Sharp, a talented experimental artist who joined us with "Dance of the Earth".
Magnetic Poets official website
The site of the great Magnetic Poets.
For hard rock fans, a cool site of hard 'n Heavy musicians who well works together.
Leonardo Taglialavore
Could we miss his website? He is a talented alternative-electronica guy.
Bruno Misonne's Aeronautical Music
ENGLISH: Our belgian "aeronautical" friend Bruno "Yoyoman" Misonne and his great aeronautical music. ITALIANO: il sito dell'amico musicista belga Bruno "Yoyomn" Misonne e della sua Musica Aeronautica.
Talented power pop artist from the north of Sweden, an amazing supermodel, and a friend...
Scott Hill webpage
Excellent soundtrack producer/composer and excellent musician... You won't regret visiting his website!
Sally Cooper, amazing singer and musician from Australia

ENGLISH: the website where to find more about Sally Cooper, the amazing Australian singer you may also hear in "Pain in Pleasure" and "Joy x joy" also in our website.

ITALIANO: se volete approfondire la musica di Sally Cooper, la magnifica cantante australiana che ha collaborato con noi in "Pain in Pleasure" e "Joy x Joy", ecco il suo sito.

Bandmembers personal sites

Daniele Scerra art
ENGLISH: The art and graphics of our good Daniele, a fine illustrator and artist. ITALIANO: l'arte ed i lavori grafici del nostro buon Daniele, illustratore di talento ed artista di valore.
Duilio Chiarle - books/libri

ENGLISH: Where to find more info on books of our talented guitarist/writer. In Italian. ITALIANO: dove potete leggere di più sui libri del nostro chitarrista (e scrittore) Duilio Chiarle. In Italiano.

Antonio Rapacciuolo's website
ENGLISH: Our trumpet player and his website, all dedicated to his music and to trumpet! :-) ITALIANO: la pagina web ufficiale di Tony Rapacciuolo, il nostro trombettista. Ovviamente tutta dedicata alla musica ed alla tromba... :-)

Arts & Artists

AMAZING school in master of digital arts!

ENGLISH: You know we love Arts, and Digital Art. And in Torino is born an AMAZING master of digital art school. Have a look at it, you won't regret it!
ITALIANO: A torino è nata una scuola di Master in Arte Digitale fighissima! Andate sul sito (e cliccate su "mi piace"), è fantastico! :)

The arts of Antonio Seijas

ENGLISH: the art of the great Antonio Seijas (cover artist for our "Tokyo Rain" and many amazing ones for great names, such as Marillion).

ITALIANO: l'arte di Antonio Seijas (copertinista per il nostro "Tokyo Rain" e di molti altri per nomi ben più prestigiosi del nostro, tra cui i Marillion).

Great professional Gothic photography

ENGLISH: great professional photography, specially if you like Vampires & Gothic.

ITALIANO: favoloso sito professionale di fotografia, specialmente se amate le atmosfere Gotiche o i Vampiri.

Storm chaser Michael Bath photography
ENGLISH: the website where find more about the stormchaser Michael Bath and his "Lightning Photography". Recommended! ITALIANO: Il sito dove trovare tutto sul fortografo di tempeste e fulmini Michael Bath.
Inverloch - Online Fantasy Manga
"Inverloch" is one of the very best online-comics (if not the very best one) as story and art.
Paulo Coelho website
ENGLISH: Could we miss a link to this very talented writer? Of course not! Try his books: will change your life. In better. Multi-language site. ITALIANO: Potevamo non mettere un link a questo eccellente scrittore? Ovviamente no! Provate i suoi scritti: vi cambieranno la vita. In meglio. Sito multilingue.
Warrior of the Light
ENGLISH: Another cool multilanguage site of Paulo Coelho's works... ITALIANO: Un altro sito multilingue dedicato ai lavori di Paulo Coelho.
Le mie Poesie
ENGLISH: The website of a friend (and a supporter) who also use our music to underline his poetries... In italian (sito in italiano). ITALIANO: Il sito di un amico (ed un fan) che usa la nostra musica per integrare le sue composizioni poetiche e visive. Sito in italiano.
ENGLISH: the website of a very interesting Theatre (and Cinema) School, and the talented team behind "Polesine", our first cinematic movie soundtrack. In Italian. ITALIANO: il sito di una scuola di Teatro (e Cinema) molto interessante, nonché il team ricco di talento dietro la realizzazione del film "Polesine", la nostra prima colonna sonora per il cinema. In Italiano.
"Unchained", the comics ("Unchained", il fumetto)
ENGLISH: The website where to find the comics "Unchained". Cool stories and cool graphics... Both in english and in Italian, you may print yourself every page, to read it in comfort... maybe using our music as a soundtrack! ;-) ITALIANO: Su questo sito potrete trovare i fumetti di "Unchained". Belle storie e ben disegnato, scritto sia in inglese che in italiano, potrete stamparvi ogni pagina per conservarla e leggerla! ...magari usando la nostra musica come colonna sonora! ;-)

Steampunk Links

Steampunk Italia

ITALIANO: il sito dell'associazione "Steampunk Italia", che da anni supporta il fenomeno culturale.

ENGLISH: this is the website of the italian steampunk association.

Steam Pact

ENGLISH: one of the two italian conventions dedicated to the Steampunk world. 

ITALIANO: una delle due convention italiane dedicate allo Steampunk.

Steam Camp

ENGLISH: one of the italian steampunk conventions.

ITALIANO: una delle convention italiane dedicate allo Steampunk.

Steampunk videos on YouTube

ENGLISH: a playlist of Steampunk videoclips and videos on YouTube (does NOT contain slideshows).

ITALIANO: una playlist di video a tema Steampunk su YouTube (non contiene slideshows).


ENGLISH: if you like Steampunk and... well, girls, this is the website for you, powered by the enchanting Kato.

ITALIANO: se vi piace lo steampunk... malizioso, beh, questo è il sito che fa per voi, gestito dalla incantevole Kato.

Other cool links

Marillion homepage
The coolest rock band ever, and their world. New sounds and just marvelous stories, for something unforgettable.
HeavyMetal Guitar Method
Play metal guitar like a guitar god at the online guitar lessons premiere guitar site: Heavy Metal Guitar Method. Learn metal guitar in weeks and play.
New Music - Your Ticket into the Music Business. Where
New Music - Your Ticket into the Music Business. Where Singers, Musicians and Artists meet Record Labels, Music Managers and Scouts. New Music Label is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Music careers.
Music CD Duplication
Visit for great pricing on DVD & CD duplication, replication, copying, printing and packaging for short run or high-volume orders.
Una bella rivista online che si occupa di tutto ciò che riguarda Torino. Inclusa una recensione di noi TWM (vedi tra le recenssioni nel sito).
How looks like a Wimshurst Machine?
This is a website who explains a bit of how an electrostatic generator built by James Wimshurst looks like... Just if you were curious! ;-)
James Wimshurst and his machine... another link!
James Wimshurst built a machine in 1880s. Here another link to a page page who explains more about it!
The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
ENGLISH: the ironic answer to a dangerous problem. If you're for the Science Method and for the Evolutionism, pay a visit to this website and support it: they deserves it! ITALIANO: la Chiesa del Mustroso Spaghetto Volante e' la risposta ironica ad un grave problema. Se siete per il Metodo Scientifico, l'Evoluzionismo e conoscente l'inglese, fateci un salto e supportatelo: se lo meritano!
Tree Go Mee Ro productions
ITALIANO: il sito internet dove potrete trovare informazioni sul film "Alien Evolution" di cui i TWM han realizzato la colonna sonora ed eventualmente scaricarlo gratis! Ora abbiamo altri 3 nuovi video realizzati da questo gruppo di produzione ma su questo sito potrete scaricare gratis persino i fumetti tratti dal film! ENGLISH: the website (in both italian and english) where to find more info and even see "Alien Evolution" the movie (the TWM project was born to score that soundtrack, so a real memorabilia for our fans)! You'll also find the FREE webcomics from the movie.
Piano Lessons Manhattan offers piano lessons at home in Brooklyn and surrounding areas around Nassau & Suffolk Counties as well as in NYC.
YG Acoustics - Scott Walker Audio

Synergistic Research Acoustic Systems, synergistic research cables, YG Acoustics and more at Scott Walker Audio.