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"Breathe" and the way TWM records music

Posted on May 13, 2014

"Breathe" and the way TWM records music

Often people asks us how we record our music. To be honest there are several ways: one by one, or editing/sequencing with our computers, then adding main lines "live" is a way. But there is a way we did use to record an entire album (and several tracks along the years): the "good old fashioned way": all together in the rehearsal's room.

There is also a filmed example of it: "Breathe" (the title track of the album with the same name). We recorded several versions of it. One of those (who had one more guitar and one less keyboard) ended in "Breathe (live)" album. The other version (who sounds different) will be included in our next album (still a work in progress).

You may listen to the "new" version of "Breathe" from Soundcloud:

This track was recorded live on april 2012, during band rehearsals, to make a video for the band blog (you may find it on youtube). Setup: Duilio Chiarle (guitar), Elvis Bergero (keyboards), Fabio Rodi (keyboards), Augusto Chiarle (yamaha WX11 wind MIDI controller, sequenced drums). It appears in a different live set in the album "Breathe", in this version will appear in the new band album (will be released in 2014), "Clockwork Life" (title not yet definitive). Keyboards used: KORG Trinity, KORG Triton, KORG Triton TR rack (for the WX11 sound), KORG Wavestation, Roland RS-50 (moog solo), Guitar sound was made with Amplitube APP on an iPad. Drums are sequenced with Ableton Live on a Novation controller.

As you see we mix modern instruments with some old one, when the sound is good enough. Then we add the analog, acoustic ones (such as saxes, trumpets, flutes, dulcimer, etc.).

You may see how we work together during rehearsals in this clip we did take recording "Breathe" (as will appear in our next album):

We hope you like the result. :)